Jamaica Pond


Terrain: Trees, Weeds, Rocks, Sand, Docks, Manmade structures

Fish types: Bass, Trout, Sunfish, Salmon, Perch

Description: Jamaica Pond is a 68 Acre Kettle hole with a maximum depth of 51 Feet. Every year Mass Wildlife releases fish stocks of Trout and Salmon. The pond is also home to large and smallmouth bass, perch, and several species of sunfish. This location is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into fishing. As you walk around the paved trail that surrounds the pond you will encounter several different terrain types. Around the main office you will find docks and manmade structures that extend into the water. Walking clockwise from there you will pass a sandy beach followed by murky water, rocky outcrops, and submerged or overhanging trees. By the time you reach the part of the pond almost directly across from the office you will come to another sandy beach. From that point back to the office there are several areas with aquatic weed groupings as well as fallen trees. If you get tired of fishing the shore line here you can rent rowboats and kayaks for $5 an hour with a valid Massachusetts fishing license.



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